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Marital Counseling

Individual Therapy

Psychological Assessment

Career Counseling

Weight Management
Using evidence-based methods including indirect measurement of Resting Metabolic Rate 

Group Therapy

Services and Fees
Detailed descriptions of the following service offerings are given below:
Anger Management
An 8-session cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) group focused on the development of anger mgmt skills: Self-soothing, identifying and changing problem patterns of thinking, identifying and developing desired patterns of thinking and behavior. The focus is on development of anger management skills for lasting, long-term results. This is an ongoing, 8-session group. 
Therapy Group          
Individual Therapy.  $120/hr
Marital Counseling     $120/hr
Career Counseling   $300
Health Behavior Group       
Psychological Assessment        $650 
Therapy group designed to address a spectrum of issues commonly seen in therapy, including: anxiety, depression, anger, chronic pain, disturbed sleep, and stress management. The evidence-based CBT and Stress Models are the framework upon which the group is based.  This is an open, ongoing group.
This group is designed for people having problems adjusting to, or managing health- related behavior for medical conditions such as: obesity, type-2 diabetes, and cigarette smoking. The focus is on development of new habits supportive of individual health goals. The group uses evidence-based interventions proven effective in the practice of behavioral medicine and health psychology. 
Individual couples therapy is guided by the research-based work of John Gottman, whose techniques have been proven effective helping couples manage differences in a manner supportive of a committed relationship. The therapy helps couples develop habits and awareness to reduce conflict and improve intimacy in relationships. 
 Individual therapy is available to people who may not be comfortable working their issues in the presence of other people. Therapy is generally based on the Cognitive Model and Stages of Change Theory. Goal of the therapy is to help client acquire the skills that will enable effective management of mood.
Good Help Clinic  provides  clinical psychological assessment of intelligence, emotional, and personality. We also do pre-bariatric surgery assessment and screening for attention deficits disorders. Psychological assessment is done using methods with proven reliability and validity. 
This a package service  available to people who are considering a career change or choice, and who need help making the choice or deciding whether the choice is for them. Participants will take several computerized tests to determine their interest and apptitude for a variety of professions. Following testing, participants meet with staff member to go over the results and to explore career options. Testing includes an IQ test. 
Dr. Victor Pendleton, PhD, CSCS
Fitness Consultant

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