Articles in this section describe the Effects of Exercise, Sleep, and Nutrition  on Our Health

Exercise Benefits Challenged Link

Diet Morsels Link

Maintaining Muscle Link

Sleep Hygeine Link

T            E
P             B
The Depressing News About
Antidepressants Link


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Articles in this section describe effects our social  environement can have on our health

Environmental Influence Link
Bearded Tits Link

Cuckoos Link

Social Influence Link

Social Rejection as Pain Link

We are the Product Link

Articles in this Section Describe Effects of Emotions, Beliefs, and Stress on our Health

Emotions and Disease Link

Power of Belief  Link

Stress at Work Link

Doctor makes patient sick: Iatrogenesis Link

WillPower Link
Articles in this Section Describe Meditation - A Exercise for Mental Health

How to Meditate Link

Meditation Timer Link

Benefits of Meditation Link

Serenity Prayer Link
Articles in this section describe  Elements of Social Interaction

Human Decision Making Link

Implicit Association Link

Coping with Anger Link

Self Hate and Anger Link

Preventing Road Rage Link

Research and Research Quality

Fake Research Link

Fake Research 2 Link

JAMA Investigates Link