Dr. Victor Pendleton, PhD, CSCS
Fitness Consultant
The Good Help Clinic (GHC) is a psychology clinic located in Temple Texas that is dedicated to helping people reach and maintain  physical and mental health goals. Primarily using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we help people dealing with various types of problems, including: anger, anxiety,  depression, obesity, PTSD, and  life-threatening habits, like smoking.  

The Good Help Clinic (GHC) offers general psychology, health psychology, sport psychology, and personal training. The center is run by a licensed psychologist dedicated to helping people reach and maintain their physical and mental health goals. GHC offers services at convenient times.

GHC helps people using "evidence-based treatments" (EBTs): treatments that have been shown to be effective by numerous scientific studies.

GHC also does psychological testing of teens and adults for Autism, ADHD, and other psychiatric conditions that may be the focus of clinical attention.

GHC is owned by Dr Victor Pendleton who is a clinical psychologist, health psychologist, and exercise physiologist with over 20yrs of experience. Dr Pendleton is a life-long learner who participates in regular continuing education and maintains several national  and international certifications.  

At GHC we help adults dealing with a variety of problems, including: 

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Call or email to arrange an appointment: 254-295-1742
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